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Goodacre, Walter

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BornLoughborough, Leicestershire, England, 1856

DiedBournemouth, Dorset, England, 1 May 1938

Walter Goodacre was the preeminent British selenographer of the early twentieth century. His monograph on the Moon was considered a primary resource for selenographers for several decades after its publication.

Goodacre was born at Loughborough, but in 1863 the family moved to London, where his father founded a carpet manufacturing business. Walter Goodacre established a branch of the family business in India and visited there frequently for 15 years. He succeeded his father as head of the firm in London, remaining in that position until his retirement in 1929.

Attracted to astronomy as a boy, for a time Goodacre directed the Lunar Section of the Liverpool Astronomical Society. As a founding member of the British Astronomical Association [BAA], following the death of  Thomas Elger, Goodacre was appointed to the directorship of the BAA Lunar Section, a post he held until 1 year before his...

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