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Elger, Thomas Gwyn Empy

  • Robert A. Garfinkle
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BornBedford, England, 27 October 1836

DiedBedford, England, 9 January 1897

Thomas Elger, one of the preeminent amateur lunar observers of the Victorian era, was a leader in British amateur astronomical associations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. An avid observer and popularizer, he is best known for his lunar map, considered one of the best available until the space age.

Elger lived most of his life in Bedford. His grandfather Isaac, his father Thomas Gwyn Elger (an architect and builder), and he all served as Mayor of Bedford. After graduating from the Bedford Grammar School, he attended the University College in London. Upon completion of his studies, he became a civil engineer and participated in the design of the Metropolitan Railway and the Severn Valley Railway.

When Elger inherited his father’s estate in the mid-1860s, he retired from civil engineering to pursue scientific studies, including astronomy and archaeology. Elger moved into his mother’s home on...

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