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Dungal of Saint Denis

  • Paul L. Butzer
  • Walter Oberschelp
  • Kerstin Springsfeld
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BornProbably Ireland, 2nd half of eighth century

DiedPossibly Bobbio, Italy, after 827 and possibly 834

Dungal was a monk in deacon’s orders, poet, theologian, teacher, and the foremost expert on astronomy in Carolingian circles after the death of Alcuin in 804. He styles himself “exul, pauper et peregrinus.” Although some historians doubt whether the Dungal of St. Denis, of Pavia, and of Bobbio, in a putative time of four decades, are one person, the prevalent opinion is (Garrison 101) that they are one and the same (but not the same person as “Hibernicus exul”).

Dungal, whose writings show him to have been a man of unusual attainments and perhaps a son of a wealthy Scotch-Irish family, presumably left his home about 784 or somewhat later, since we find him as a recluse in St. Denis in 801. Despite his geographical and social separation from Charlemagne’s court, one may still consider him as a member (Garrison 110–112) and as a favorite of Charlemagne. He enjoyed a reputation as a...
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