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Doppelmayer, Johann Gabriel

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Alternate Name

 Doppelmayr, Johann Gabriel

BornNuremberg, (Germany), circa1671

Died Nuremberg, (Germany), 1 December 1750

Johann Dopplemayr is known for his terrestrial and celestial maps and globes. For almost half a century, he was professor of mathematics at the Aegidien Gymnasium in his native city. He published various works on mathematics and physics, as well as on geography and astronomy, in which he exhibited Copernican sympathies. Doppelmayer enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Johann Baptist Homann (1664–1724), who produced a variety of important atlases, maps, and globes. Doppelmayer’s best-known work is his Atlas Coelestis(1742); he also produced a book about the Moon describing lunar features using the nomenclature of   Johann Hevel and   Giovanni Riccioli .

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