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Dombrovsky, Viktor Alexevich

  • Virginia Trimble
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Alternate Names

 Dombrovski, Alekseyevich;  Dombrovskij, Alekseyevich

BornRostov, Russia, 30 September 1913

DiedPossibly Leningrad(Saint Petersburg), Russia, 1 February 1972

Viktor A. Dombrovsky was educated in Leningrad (degree 1936), where he eventually become professor. His most notable astronomical achievement was the discovery that the visible light from the Crab Nebula supernova remnant is highly polarized, confirming predictions by I.M. Gordon,  Iosif Shklovsky, and  Vitaly Ginzburg. Mikheil Vashakidze also found the polarization the same year (1953) and independently. Sadly, the discovery led Dombrovsky to spend most of the rest of his career searching for optical polarization in the light of other nebulae, both planetary and HII regions. He found only limits or detections of marginal significance at 1–2 %, not surprising in retrospect, since emission from these sources is ordinary thermal, free-free radiation from the electrons in hot gas.

Selected Reference

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