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Alfonsi, Petrus

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Flourished(Spain), 1106–1120

Petrus Alfonsi is likely to have been instrumental in introducing Arabic astronomy to Christian scholars such as  Walcher of Malvern and  Adelard of Bath, and thus played a key role in prompting the wholescale translation of Arabic mathematical and astronomical learning in the twelfth century.

Alfonsi was educated as a Jew in an Arabic milieu in Huesca (Aragon) in the Islamic kingdom of Zaragoza; but, after the Christian conquest of Huesca in 1096, he converted to Christianity, and was baptized on 29 June 1106. Thereafter he traveled in France and England, advertising himself as a “teacher of astronomy,” but perhaps returned to Spain (if he can be identified with a “Peter of Toledo”) later in his life. Alfonsi was the earliest scholar to bring learned Arabic cosmological and astronomical knowledge to Latin-reading Christians.

Much astronomical and cosmological information is included in his popular Dialogus contra Iudaeos(Dialogue against the Jews) in...

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