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Adel, Arthur

  • Roy H. Garstang
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BornBrooklyn, New York, USA, 22 November 1908

DiedFlagstaff, Arizona, USA, 13 September 1994

Arthur Adel was a pioneer in the identification of specific molecules in planetary atmospheres through his studies of planetary infrared spectra, through his fundamental experimental measurements of molecular and gas mixture spectra, and through observational studies of the Earth’s atmosphere. He was born to immigrant orthodox Jewish parents, Morris Adel from Russia and Jennie (néeSchrieber) from Poland. The family relocated to Detroit, Michigan, where Adel received the majority of his precollegiate education while working part-time in a variety of jobs. While in high school, Adel was uncertain of his future career path and took an extended curriculum of practical machine shop and other mechanical arts courses in addition to all the science and mathematics courses available. The mechanical skills thus acquired helped him to pay for his college education and later proved of substantial benefit...

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