Encyclopedia of Systems Biology

2013 Edition
| Editors: Werner Dubitzky, Olaf Wolkenhauer, Kwang-Hyun Cho, Hiroki Yokota

Lymphocyte Dynamics and Repertoires, Biological Methods

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Lymphocyte population dynamics is the time evolution process in lymphocyte population composition. Lymphocytes are the main actors of the “adaptive” immunity and are characterized by various cell subpopulations that differentiate in so-called “central” compartments, the bone marrow for B cells and the thymus for T cells. This differentiation process involves high proliferation and somatic gene rearrangements in lymphocyte precursors resulting in high diversity of antigen specific receptors, namely B cell receptors (BCR) and T cell receptors (TCR). This differentiation process generates the collection of antigen receptor defining the “immune repertoire.” After a stringent selection process characterized by high cell death, mature T and B cells are able to react to antigenic stimulation in...

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