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  • Marie-Paule Lefranc
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Paratope is a concept of the  SpecificityType concept of identification (generated from the  IDENTIFICATION Axiom), of  IMGT-ONTOLOGY, the global reference in  immunogenetics and  immunoinformatics (Giudicelli and Lefranc 1999; Lefranc et al. 2004, 2005, 2008; Duroux et al. 2008), built by IMGT®, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system® (http://www.imgt.org) ( IMGT® Information System). Paratope, or “antigen-binding site,” identifies the part of the variable (V) domains ( Variable (V) Domain) of an immunoglobulin (IG) or antibody or of a T cell receptor (TR) that, respectively, recognizes (binds to) the antigen (Ag) or the peptide/major histocompatibility (pMH) (“ Epitope” or “antigenic determinant”).

The “Paratope” concept has two leafconcepts (  IMGT-ONTOLOGY, Leafconcept):
  • The ‘IG or antibody paratope’ identifies the part of the IG or antibody that recognizes a B cell epitope (part of an Ag)

  • The ‘TR paratope’ identifies the part...

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