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Encyclopedia of Systems Biology

pp 507-508

Cross Tissue Disease Network

  • Sanjeev KumarAffiliated withBioCOS Life Sciences Private Limited Email author 
  • , Shipra AgrawalAffiliated withBioCOS Life Sciences Pvt. Limited, Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology


Cross tissue signature network; Tissue-to-tissue network


A cross view of the different molecular states, interaction of physiological functions and pathways across multiple tissues of a diseased system could be appropriately and comparably presented through cross tissue disease networks. CTDNs are constructed from specific gene/protein expression data across important tissues of diseased organisms (Fig. 1).
Cross Tissue Disease Network, Fig. 1

A tissue-to-tissue network is generated from each possible tissue pairs by identifying the significantly correlated gene co-expression traits

The application of CTDN could be properly defined from the following examples:
  • It could be used to study the inter-tissue relationships and identify genes, which are important in different tissues and can also act as information relays in the control of peripheral tissues in obese mice. The subnetworks, which are specific to the tissue-to-tissue interactions, are enriched in t ...

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