Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology

2016 Edition
| Editors: Ming Ronnier Luo

CIE Chromaticity Diagrams, CIE Purity, CIE Dominant Wavelength

  • János Schanda
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Chromaticity Diagram

Plane diagram in which points specified by chromaticity coordinates represent the chromaticities of color stimuli [1]

Note: In the CIE standard colorimetric systems, y is normally plotted as ordinate and x as abscissa, to obtain an x, y chromaticity diagram.

Purity (of a Color Stimulus)

Measure of the proportions of the amounts of the monochromatic stimulus and of the specified achromatic stimulus that, when additively mixed, match the color stimulus considered.

Note 1: In the case of purple stimuli, the monochromatic stimulus is replaced by a stimulus whose chromaticity is represented by a point on the purple boundary.

Note 2: The proportions can be measured in various ways (see “Excitation Purity” and “Colorimetric Purity”).

Excitation Purity [pe]

Quantity defined by the ratio NC/ND of two collinear distances on the chromaticity diagram of the CIE 1931 or 1964 standard colorimetric systems, the first distance being that between the point C...
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