Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology

2016 Edition
| Editors: Ming Ronnier Luo

Rendering Natural Phenomena

  • Oskar Elek
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In computer graphics, rendering is a process of synthetically generating an image – or a sequence of images – of an object, based on its mathematical and possibly physical description. Natural phenomena are inherently very diverse, and therefore, their rendering is a very heterogeneous field with different paradigms and approaches.

As the name implies the objects and phenomena of interest will mainly have a natural origin. However, due to similar characteristics of the underlying problems, rendering of artificial objects made of natural materials is often considered a part of the field as well.

Although the main target of rendering is the creation of images, it is usually not trivial to obtain the mathematical and physical description of the simulated entities (i.e., the input data). Because of this the rendering algorithms can potentially require coupling with simulation methods, which provide means to...

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