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Quinacridone Violet

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A versatile member of the quinacridone pigment family. It is used as a toning pigment; used to neutralize yellow tones in whites. Various shades from yellowish red to bright violet, resistant to most environmental conditions, very lightfast and used where superb properties are required, but very expensive in comparison to other pigments of the same hue (Printing Ink Manual, 5th Ed., Leach RH, Pierce RJ, Hickman EP, Mackenzie MJ, Smith HG, Blueprint, New York, 1993). It is also used in blends with molybdate orange to obtain relatively low-coat, durable, nonbleeding, bright reds. Its high level of transparency is also very desirable for styling automotive metallized finishes. For maximum saturation when toning phthalocyanine blues to redder hues, the quinacridone reds or magentas may be preferred to the violet. (Paint/Coatings Dictionary, Compiled by Definitions Committee of the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, 1978)

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