Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

2011 Edition
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\kwórts\ n [Gr Quarz] (ca 1631) The most common of minerals, of the rhombohedric crystal habit, occurring in a myriad of minerals and colors, but in its purest form, silicon dioxide (SiO2), colorless, clear, very hard and transparent to both visible and ultraviolet light. The crystallized silica, when reduced to powder, is used as an extender. The term is also used for synthetically produced, amorphous fused quartz or vitrified Silica. See  Silica and  Crystalline. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Geology and Mineralogy, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2002; Nesse WD, Introduction to Optical Mineralogy, Oxford University Press, New York, 2003; Callister WD, Materials Science and Engineering, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 2002)

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