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2011 Edition
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/kē-än-ə/ (Trade name for silk like fiber material) Fiber from trans-diamino dicyclohexyl methane + dodecane dicarboxylic acid, manufactured by DuPont, U.S. New fibers should help the synthetics to capture an even bigger piece of the total. One of them is Qiana, introduced, after 20 years of experimentation, by E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, the largest U.S. producer of synthetic fibers. The new fiber has the appearance and feel of silk but has wrinkle-resistant and wash-and-wear properties that are as good or better than other synthetics. Qiana has a polyamide structure and thus is related to nylon fibers, but it is produced from different chemical ingredients and by different processes than previous nylons, according to du Pont. The use of Qiana is expected to be limited to high-fashion women’s apparel at first. (Hounshell DA, Smith Jr. JK, Science and Corporate Strategy: DuPont R&D, 1902–1980, New York, 1988; DuPont Heritage: Innovation and Technological Development, www.heritage.dupont.com...

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