Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

2011 Edition
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Appendix G

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Interactive Polymer Technology Programs

Dear Reader,

We are happy to provide a collection of unique and useful tools and interactive programs along with this Springer Reference. You will find short descriptions of the different functions below. Please download the software at the following website:


Please note that the file is more than 200 MB. Download the ZIP file and unzip it. It is strongly recommended to read the ReadMe.txt before installing. The software is started by opening the file InPolyTech.pdf and following the instructions. Detailed instructions can be found under “Help Instructions.”

The software consists of the following 15 programs and tools we are sure you will find most helpful in your daily work:

Abbreviations and Symbols

This section lists some of the common abbreviations and symbols used in polymer science. The symbols are in alphabetical order and in tabular form in a standard PDF document.

Pronunciation of Terms –...

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