Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning

2012 Edition
| Editors: Norbert M. Seel

Innovation and Learning Facilitated by Play

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In this particular context, play refers to the state of mind where people are playful. Playful in the sense of being completely open-minded and able to construct and rearrange knowledge. This state of mind is essential when children are learning but can also explain the state of mind that people are in when there are innovating or learning from their experiences. While it is natural for the child to enter this state of mind, it is more challenging for adults to bring themselves into such a state of mind. Reaching the state of playfulness is generally easier if some element of physical artifact is involved. This is explained by the complex interplay between the hands or body and the brain.

Theoretical Background

The essence of innovation is a break in our perception of a particular issue (product, process, service, etc.). When the break in perception has emerged, it becomes so obvious that it is difficult to...

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