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Occupational Status

  • Karen Jacobs
  • Miranda Hellman
  • Jacqueline Markowitz
  • Ellen Wuest
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Occupational status is the “collective term encompassing occupational performance components, occupational performance, and occupational role performance” (Jacobs & Jacobs, 2009).

Occupational performance components are “any subsystem that contributes to the performance of an occupation” (such as self-care, leisure, work, education, etc.) (Jacobs & Jacobs, 2009).

Occupational performance is “the act of doing and accomplishing a selected activity or occupation that results from the dynamic transaction among the client, the context, and the activity” (Jacobs & Jacobs, 2009).

Occupational role performance is the “rights, obligations, and expected behavior patterns associated with a particular set of activities or occupations, done on a regular basis, and associated with social cultural roles” (Hillman & Chapparo, 1995).

Overall, occupational status can be thought of as the various roles that a person identifies...

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