Encyclopedia of Behavioral Medicine

2013 Edition
| Editors: Marc D. Gellman, J. Rick Turner

International Society of Behavioral Medicine

  • Neil SchneidermanEmail author
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Basic Information

The International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM) is a federation of 26 national, regional, and more specialized scientific societies, whose goal is to serve the needs of all health-related disciplines concerned with issues relevant to behavioral medicine. Behavioral medicine is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the development and integration of sociocultural, psychosocial, behavioral, and biomedical knowledge relevant to health and illness and the application of this knowledge to disease prevention, health promotion, etiology, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Each full member constituent society of the ISBM includes both biomedical and behavioral scientists. Societies with interests relevant to behavioral medicine, but which do not meet all criteria for membership (e.g., having both biomedical and behavioral scientists as individual members), may apply to become affiliate members. The Division of Health Psychology of the American Psychological...

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