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Proteomics is the study of all of a genome’s putative proteins and involves the systematic analysis of proteins to determine their identity, quantity, and function (Soloviev, Barry, & Terrett, 2004).


The Human Genome Project and related work have focused considerable attention on sequencing aspects of genomic research. However, as Holmes, Ramkissoon, & Giddings (2005) noted, “The eventual goal of these projects is actually to determine how the genome builds life through proteins. DNA has been the focus of attention because the tools for studying it are more advanced and because it is at the heart of the cell, carrying all the information – the blueprint – for life. However, a blueprint without a builder is not very useful, and the proteins are the primary builders within the cell.”

It is of interest to characterize the complement of expressed proteins from a single genome. Monitoring the expression and properties of a large number of proteins provides important...

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