Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology

2012 Edition
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Hazardous Waste, Introduction

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Hazardous waste refers to any waste material that contains toxic or potentially toxic substances. These toxic substances may range from mildly toxic up to highly toxic and may even include highly radioactive materials (see  Hazardous Materials Characterization and Assessment). The first important definition of a hazardous material mix or stream is an exacting definition of a particular waste stream, its variances and potential contents . The variances in the hazardous content also constitute an important characteristic of the waste. In addition, such waste streams often have measurements such as toxicity testing and other characterization by various testing methods. The hazards considered in hazardous waste are many, including physical hazards such as explosive characteristics, health hazards, and environmental hazards.

Industrial hazardous waste is also a topic here and is often thought of as the true hazardous waste. In reality, this waste is often mixed with domestic waste ....

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