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2012 Edition
| Editors: Robert A. Meyers

Hybrid Electric and Hydraulic Technology Applications in Off-Road Vehicles

  • M. Abul Masrur
  • Vijay K. Garg
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4419-0851-3_821

Definition of the Subject and Its Importance

Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) , as discussed elsewhere in this entry, basically involves hybridization or mixing of power and propulsion sources and/or loads, leading to the achievement of better overall system efficiency and accompanying pollution control. In short, it hinges on the principle that not every “type of” power source (which, e.g., could be IC engine, battery, generator, etc.) is always the best to provide power to every type of load demand, which can vary over time. So, the idea is to use the best source as the load changes. Here, the word “best” is defined in terms of efficiency, performance, and similar attributes. The technology evolved in different forms over the years. The main motivation behind the technology in the recent past has been due to cost of fossil fuel, that is, gasoline and diesel in particular, which showed an ever-increasing trend. But additional benefit like less pollution has also accompanied the...

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