The Role of Image-Guided Surgery in Breast Cancer

  • Kambiz Dowlatshahi
  • Rosalinda Alvarado
  • Katherine Kopckash
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The surgical management of breast cancer has changed drastically over the past three decades. These improvements have been possible due to advances in imaging and ablative therapies. This chapter gives a brief overview of the historical management of breast cancer and describes the modern imaging techniques of the breast and axilla, including digital mammography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission mammography (PEM). We discuss the devices currently used for breast biopsy and the techniques employed for minimally invasive surgery. Finally, the chapter provides a summary of the available ablative therapies, which include cryoablation, laser therapy, radiofrequency ablation, microwave thermotherapy, and high-intensity focused ultrasound.


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