Tunneling Through Triple-Humped Fission Barriers

  • A. Krasznahorkay


This chapter gives a survey of the latest results obtained for the fission process that takes place when the energy of the compound system is smaller than the energy of the fission barrier. The tunneling and resonant tunneling processes play a role in this energy region. The transmission resonances were studied in high-energy-resolution experiments and the excitation energies, J π and K values of the states were determined. Rotational bands were constructed, from which the moment of inertia and the degree of the deformation were determined. The implications of these results to the present knowledge of the fission potential extracted from experiments are discussed.


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The work has been supported by DFG under HA 1101/12-2 and UNG 113/129/0, the DFG cluster of excellence “Origin and Structure of the Universe,” and the Hungarian OTKA Foundation No. K72566.


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