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Leroi-Gourhan, André

  • Didac Roman
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Basic Biographical Information

André Leroi-Gourhan was one of the greatest prehistorians of the twentieth century. He is well known for his significant contributions to archaeological method and theory and to the study of rock art. Born in 1911 in Paris, Leroi-Gourhan was orphaned very early and grew up with his maternal grandparents, who took him on frequent visits to the Natural History Museum in Paris. These visits awoke in him a fascination with the natural sciences. This fascination, along with the influence of his grandfather who was a member of the Naturalists’ Association, converted Leroi-Gourhan into an ardent nature lover who soon came into contact with a range of prehistorians.

At first, Leroi-Gourhan was not a motivated student, and he left study when he was 14 years old to be apprenticed to a merchant. He soon changed jobs and met some of the people who would most influence him in the future. His godmother played an important role in his development by giving him the gift...

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