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2014 Edition
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Landmarks Foundation: Protecting Sacred Sites Globally

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Basic Information

Landmarks Foundation is operated as a 501(c)(3) in New York, 1997–2011. It relocated from New York to Massachusetts, following death of its founder, Sam Green, in 2011. The website is at http://www.LandmarksFoundation.org.

Major Impact

Because we believe that religious intolerance causes so much grief in the world, Landmarks Foundation celebrates all religious beliefs, past and present. We believe that the tolerance of religious differences is fundamental to human existence, as all religions are an attempt at communication with the divine. The Landmarks Foundation identifies, protects, and preserves sacred sites and landscapes around the world which are tangible focal points for the beliefs, rituals, and religions that define human societies. Landmarks Foundation directs funding and technical expertise to local groups that cannot protect their sacred cultural heritage without assistance. Selection of specific projects is based on cultural significance and degree of...

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