Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology

2014 Edition
| Editors: Claire Smith

Lev, David N.

  • Nona A. Avanesova
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Basic Biographical Information

David Natanovich Lev (1905–1969) was the leading investigator of the Stone Age in Central Asia, and a professor at the University of Samarkand.

In 1931, he graduated from Leningrad State University with an archaeologist specialty. From 1931 to 1942, David Lev worked in the Department of Archaeology of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Leningrad as a researcher and then as head of the department. During this period, he published two guides on the Department of Archaeology and collections stored there relating mainly to the old mining. D.N. Lev had dedicated his Ph.D. dissertation (thesis) to the history of ancient mining. He graduated in 1945. He was a close disciple of P.P. Efimenko, and participated in Efimenko’s excavations at Kostenki. At the same time, fate brought Lev together with another major archaeologist – V.A. Gorodtsov. Circumstances were that in the 1930s, when V.A. Gorodtsov was still full...

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