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Frankel, David

  • Jennifer M. Webb
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Basic Biographical Information

David Frankel is an Australian archaeologist with expertise in the prehistory of Australia, New Guinea, and Cyprus. He was born in Johannesburg in 1946 and moved to Australia in 1963. He received his B.A. (1970) and M.A. (1973) in Archaeology from Sydney University and his Ph.D. from Gothenburg University, Sweden, in 1975. From 1975 to 1978, he worked in the Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities at the British Museum, before taking a Lectureship at La Trobe University in Melbourne in 1978. He was subsequently appointed Senior Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology in 1982, Reader in 1992, and Professor in 2009.

In order to gain experience, Professor Frankel worked at Burrill Lake, Irrawang, and Elizabeth Farm in New South Wales and at Kauri Point in New Zealand, as well as in Israel, Greece, Cyprus, and Jordan, before embarking on his own career as a field director. His dissertation was a ground-breaking analytical survey of the White Painted Ware...

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