Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology

2014 Edition
| Editors: Claire Smith

Local Communities and Archaeology: A Caribbean Perspective

  • Reginald Murphy
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Archaeology in the Caribbean has from its beginning in the early to mid-twentieth century been controlled by overseas universities and researchers. It is primarily academic-driven research that has and continues to produce excellent scholarship and impressive collections of cultural objects. It has also generated large amounts of information on the history and natural history of the islands. Management of data and collections is an ongoing challenge for many communities on the islands of the Caribbean.

Key Issues/Current Debates/Future Directions/Examples

Local Archaeology in the Caribbean Region

Despite more than a half century of research, only the islands of the Greater Antilles with large populations and universities have “local” archaeologists and departments of archaeology. The colonial French and Dutch Antilles also have resident archaeologists and departments of archaeology, but they are part of the European systems and the archaeologists are mostly from Europe....

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