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2014 Edition
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Leone, Mark P. (Historical Archaeology)

  • Chris Dalglish
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Basic Biographical Information

American archaeologist Mark P. Leone (b. 1940) holds a B.A. in History (Tufts, 1963) and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Anthropology (Arizona, 1966 & 1968). He worked at Princeton (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) before moving to the University of Maryland (Associate Professor then Professor, Anthropology; Chair of the Department of Anthropology; Chair of the College Park Senate) and has held positions and offices with the National Science Foundation Advisory Panel for Anthropology, the Governor’s Consulting Committee on Historic Places in the State of Maryland, the American Association of University Professors, the Anthropological Society of Washington, the Society for American Archaeology, and the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology.

Major Accomplishments

Leone’s early work – on the prehistory of the southwestern United States – was within the New Archaeology tradition. However, during his time in Arizona, he began to follow an alternative path with...

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Further Reading

  1. A full CV and publication list for Mark P. Leone is available at: http://www.anth.umd.edu/sites/anth.umd. edu/files/370/cv/Leone%20CV%202012.pdfGoogle Scholar

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