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Fort Odanak Archaeological Project

  • Geneviève Treyvaud
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Brief Definition of the Topic

Since 1979, the High Council of the Waban-Aki Nation, commissioned by two band councils of Odanak and Wôlinak, has had a mission to ensure the future of the Abenaki Nation by offering a series of studies related to the documentation of their past and the promotion of their culture. It thus seems only natural to integrate archaeology in this process. It was in 2010, with the collaboration and financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Abenaki Museum, and the Odanak Band Council, that the Fort Odanak archaeological project began under the responsibility of two archaeologists: Geneviève Treyvaud and Michel Plourde. They set up a research project aimed at discovering the missions and the Abenaki fort and by extension, a better understanding of their way of life in the “Transition” and “Colonial” periods. This project lasted 3 years and ended with the publication of a report and the establishment of a semipermanent exhibition.

The Abenaki...

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