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Lanciani, Rodolfo

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Rodolfo Amedeo Lanciani (Rome, 02.01.1845 – 21.05.1929) was one of the greatest figures of Italian archaeology of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His contributions are so significant that his teaching and his extraordinary scientific output still affect, both in method and in substance, the studies of the historical topography of Rome and Lazio.

After a technical degree, Lanciani’s archaeological training took place in Rome and Ostia in the wake of the great scholars of the period (Giovanni Battista de Rossi, Pietro Ercole Visconti, Carlo Ludovico Visconti, Pietro Rosa, and John Henry Parker), who facilitated his early inclusion in the Archeologica Commissione Comunale di Roma of which Lanciani was Secretary from 1872 to 1890; the assumption in the Direzione Generale Antichità e Belle Arti (1876) is also due to the support of Giuseppe Fiorelli.

The presence of Lanciani in local and national archaeological institutions occurs in the...

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