Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories

2012 Edition
| Editors: Robert W. Rieber

Sève, Lucien

  • Mohamed Elhammoumi
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Basic Biographical Information/Major Accomplishments

Lucien Sève is a French Marxist philosopher and psychologist who played a major role in the process of developing a Marxist theory of human individuality. His magnum opus Man in Marxist theory and the psychology of personality(translated into more than 25 languages) has been a major contribution to the project of Marxist psychology. It significantly enriched the discussion when it appeared four decades ago. It was a truly innovative departure from different versions of West European Marxism (Frankfurt school, different trends of Marxist structuralism, Marxist humanism, existentialism, etc.), showing how Marx’s psychological ideas might enhance our understanding of human mental life and human nature. Sève concluded that we are in need of a Marxian scientific psychology. Sève has engaged in polemical exchange with Louis Althusser, Adam Schaff, Roger Garaudy, Maurice Godelier as well as with the tenet of Marxist humanism. He served on...

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