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2012 Edition
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Ratner, Carl

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Carl Ratner is a North American cultural psychologist. For the last 45 years he has published over 200 scientific papers and seven books in the field of cultural historical psychology. He is an active member in many psychological, philosophical, sociological, epistemological, and methodological organizations as well as on the board of editors of a dozen of scientific journals.

He refuted the mentalistic and abstraction views of culture and argues that “the relationship between culture and psychology is an interaction of mental processes” (1996, p. 407). Ratner shows in his extensive research studies how important the fundamental preconditions of an understanding of reality, truth, and insight are. These preconditions influence our way of thinking, our scientific work, and our ideas about human nature. Ratner states that there is a common reality to be understood and we are able to grasp it, and understand it. Ratner’s theoretical...

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