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Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories

pp 222-224

Corsini, Raymond J.

Basic Biographical Information

Raymond J. Corsini was born on June 1, 1914, in Rutland, Vermont, the child of recent immigrants from Italy. His father, Giuseppe Corsini, worked as amarble cutter, but his participation in ahigh-profile labor strike left him unemployable on the Atlantic coast. Forced to move, the Corsinis settled in Marble, Colorado.

Guiseppe was an uneducated, angry man. He abused Raymond with such violence that his wife, Evelina, feared for their son’s life. Even so, Evelina continued to discipline Raymond with physical force after Guiseppe’s death, when Raymond was 5. Evelina soon moved Raymond and his younger brother Harold to New York City, where they settled in atough Irish neighborhood. Raymond attended St. Columbia, aCatholic elementary school, in which defiance of authority was punished with verbal and physical abuse. Raymond was also targeted by his classmates, as apattern of animosity between children of Irish and Italian immigrants ...

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