Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories

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Staudt Sexton, Virginia

  • John D. Hogan
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Virginia Staudt Sexton is known primarily as a historian of psychology, but she made important contributions to other areas of psychology as well. Perhaps most significantly, she worked to raise the status of women in psychology, to integrate Catholics into psychology, and to promote a greater international perspective in the field.

Virginia Mary Staudt was born August 30, 1916, in New York City. In 1936, at age 19, she received a bachelor’s degree from Hunter College with a major in classics. She taught elementary school for several years before completing a doctoral degree in experimental psychology at Fordham University in 1946. Her mentor was Joseph Kubis. She later completed a post doctoral year in neuroanatomy at Columbia University and in clinical psychology at the Psychiatric Institute in New York under the mentorship of Joseph Zubin (Denmark and Russo 1992).

Her first college teaching position was at Notre Dame College on Staten Island in 1944...

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