Encyclopedia of Global Justice

2011 Edition
| Editors: Deen K. Chatterjee

Feminist Ethics

  • Margaret A. McLaren
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Feminist ethics refers to a wide variety of approaches with respect to moral theory and ethical issues. Emerging out of feminist philosophy and feminist thinking in general, feminist ethics was widely recognized as a subfield of philosophy by the 1970s (Card 1991). Since then, it has grown rapidly as a field of philosophy and, currently, there are professional organizations and regular conferences devoted to exploring and promoting feminist ethics (e.g., the organization FEAST – Feminist Ethics and Social Theory, which has a biennial conference, and the organization FEEMS – Feminist Ethics and Epistemology). The field of feminist ethics has grown so large and diverse it is difficult to characterize it; however, feminist approaches to ethics often fall into one of three areas: historical, applied, and metaethical. Historical feminist approaches to ethics identify and critique androcentric bias in mainstream moral theory; applied approaches address issues pertaining to women or gender,...

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