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Bermuda consists of a group of about 150 small limestone islands in the west Atlantic (32°20' N, 64° 45' W), just over 1,000 km east of Cape Hatteras. They are situated near the south-eastern margin of the submerged Bermuda Platform on part of a narrow submerged reef that encircles a lagoon up to 16 m deep. They have a total area of 54 km2and are in the form of an italic J, with a 103 km coastline, the longest segment of which faces SSE. The Main Island is 36 km long and generally 2–3 km wide, running WSW-ENE, with a curving southwestern extension round to the Ireland islands, sheltering Great Sound and Little Sound, a recurved inner ridge on which the little city of Hamilton stands, and narrow strips enclosing three large lagoons, Harrington Sound, Castle Harbour and St George’s Har­bour, at the northeastern end. Fort St. Catherine stands on the northernmost point. There are many sites of scientific interest around the island coasts, but visitors should be warned that...


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