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Southern Arabia and Oman

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The coastal landforms of the Sultanate of Oman in southern Arabia have also received very little attention from geomorphologists, but are shown on the U.S. Geological Survey map of the Arabian Peninsula, 1–270A (1963) at 1:2 million and described in Pilot Handbooks 63 and 64 published by the Hydrographer of the British Navy.

Southern Arabia

Cape Bab-al-Mandab marks the beginning of the south-facing Arabian coastline, which extends past Aden eastward to Oman. The coastline receives Indian Ocean swell arriving from a southerly direction, accompanied in ­summer by waves generated by SE trade winds. It is a hot and arid coast (mean annual rainfall at Aden is 38 mm; at Salalah 112 mm; at Masirah Island 38 mm; at Muscat 100 mm) backed by desert landscapes with at best a sparse, shrubby vegetation. However, monsoonal rains in the Yemen uplands produce a number of streams draining wadis and flowing into deltaic fans on sectors of coastal plain in the southwest, and the Samham...


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