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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has only a short (26 km) coastline in the southern part of the country at the head of the Gulf of ‘Aqaba. The Gulf of ‘Aqaba is a part of the East African – Dead Sea – Syrian Rift Valley. The nearshore sea floor declines very steeply, and deltas at the mouths of wadis are consequently very limited.

A south-facing Jordanian coastline (about 2.5 km long) extends from the Israeli border east of the modern city of Eilat, and west of the Jordanian city of ‘Aqaba, where it sharply turns southward to the Saudi Arabian border at Ad Durra. ‘Aqaba is a port and coastal resort with a history dating from at least the tenth century bc.

The climate of southern Jordan is very warm for about 8 months of the year, when daily temperatures are around 40°C, while winter is mild. Mean monthly temperature at ‘Aqaba region is 16°C in January, rising to 31.5°C in July, and mean annual rainfall is 35 mm. Water entering the Gulf of ‘Aqaba from the Red Sea through the Strait of...


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