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Egypt, Red Sea Coast

  • Anja Scheffers
  • Tony Browne
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The Red Sea coast of Egypt, including the Gulfs of Suez and ‘Aqaba and the intervening Sinai Peninsula, is about 1,500 km in length.1

Egypt Red Sea Coast

Ras Hadarba (Cape Elba), just north of the Sudanese border, is a small promontory on a coast facing ENE where a pediment fronts arid mountains. There are intermittent fringing coral reefs, with gaps near the wadis that descend from the mountain front across the coastal pediment. Occasional bays and inlets, here termed sherms, indent the coastline, as at Sherm el Madfa, and mangroves also exist locally. To the north is Foul Bay, with a barrier spit fronting an open lagoon at Berenica and a peninsula running out to Ras Benas, where there are outcrops of Pliocene calcareous grits. To the north, a long section of almost straight coastline parallel to the mountains and their fronting pediments, with wadis and occasional mersas (inlets) and segments of fringing reef, extends past Quseir to Port Sarfaga. Here a larger bay is...


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