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Memory, Types of

  • Eichenbaum Howard
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Long-term memory is the permanent storehouse of memory that can be recovered by demand for remembering. There are several different types of long term-memory, including episodic memory and semantic memory, habits and emotional memories, and more. Short-term memory takes care of the information that is held internally for a brief period without thought or rehearsal. The size of short-term memory differs depending on the type of information and how memory is tested. Semantic memory organizes knowledge abstracted from many experiences with overlapping stimuli and events, free of the sequences of events that compose individual experiences. Working memory refers to the information that can be held in mind actively and manipulated for an indefinite period. Declarative memoryis defined in terms of our ability to bring what has been learned to consciousness. Conversely, nondeclarative memory is defined as learning that occurs and can be expressed without conscious awareness of specific...

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