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| Editors: Anne L. C. Runehov, Lluis Oviedo

Mathematics in Judaism

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“Mathematics and Judaism” concerns the interface between mathematics and Judaism and examines the use of mathematical principles within Judaism. This domain has not yet established itself as a discipline. Rather, one finds references to this subject matter in analyses of mathematical elements within Jewish literature: the Hebrew Bible, the Mishna, and the Talmud. The analyses of these tracts suggest basic level of mathematics and little interest within Judaism in mathematics per se, with almost no presence of mathematical abstraction. Ancient Jewish literature adduces concise and practical mathematical information pertinent to daily life and religious matters and helps ensure precise adherence to Jewish law (Hebrew: Halakha).

In the Book of Exodus one finds a wide range of numerical data on sizes and weights which are part of the prescription to the Israelites of how to build the various parts of the temple and the elements within. In 1Kings 7:23, the ratio between the...

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