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2008 Edition
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Valdivian Archaic Moths (Lepidoptera: Heterobathmiidae)

  • John B. Heppner
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Valdivian archaic moths, family Heterobathmiidae, include about nine species, with three named thus far. The family is the single member of the superfamily Heterobathmioidea and the sole member of the suborder Heterobathmiina. Adults small (10–11 mm wingspan), with head rough-scaled, with small mandibles; labial palpi are 3-segmented and short; maxillary palpi are 5-segented and folded. Maculation is usually iridescent purple with fine spots. All are diurnally active as adults, feeding at Nothofagus (Fagaceae) flowers. Larvae are leafminers of Nothofagus trees in southern South America.


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