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2008 Edition
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Frivaldszky, János

  • George Hangay
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János Frivaldszky was born on the 17th of June 1822, at Rajec, in Trencsén Shire, Hungary. He was introduced to natural history at an early age by his uncle, Imre Frivaldszky. He completed his formal studies at the University of Technology and received his diploma of engineering. But, he didn’t become an engineer, instead choosing the study of zoology as his life-long career. He assisted his uncle in the processing and researching of the various collections brought back from his expeditions and became an expert entomologist and conservator. From 1850 onwards he often acted in his frequently sick uncle’s museum position. Upon Imre Frivaldszky’s retirement, in 1852 he became the assistant director of the Hungarian National Museum’s Zoological Collections. János Frivaldszky was especially interested in the arthropods of Hungary and he set out to survey the country’s fauna, with special attention to cave dwelling organisms. Due to his labors the museum’s collections and entomological...

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