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2008 Edition
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Forel, Auguste Henri

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Auguste Forel was born in 1848 at Morges on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. As a boy, he became interested in insect natural history, influenced by his entomologist great uncle. At the age of 11, his special interest in ants developed as a result of his reading an old book by Pierre Huber. By the age of 12, he had begun to investigate thievery (later called by him lestobiosis) in the little ant Solenopsis fugax. After leaving school, he went to study medicine in Zurich and became interested in neurology and psychopathology. Thereupon he went to Vienna and worked on a doctoral dissertation on the morphology of the optic thalamus. Next, he went to Munich and worked for 5 years as assistant in psychology, being much involved in the development of microscopy. Meanwhile, his studies of ants continued, and in 1869 he published his first entomological paper on the behavior of Solenopsis fugax. This was followed in 1874 by a groundbreaking book on Swiss ants, “Les fourmis de la Suisse.” In 1879...

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