Encyclopedia of Entomology

2008 Edition
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Fitch, Asa

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Asa Fitch was born on February 24, 1809, in the state of New York. At 17, he entered the Rensselaer School (now Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and graduated with honors in 1826. After this 1 year of college training, he entered the Vermont Academy of Medicine in 1827, receiving an M.D. degree in 1829. Next, he attended lectures at Rutgers Medical College in New York City, and then worked in the office of an established medical practitioner in the town of Albany. During the time of his medical studies and practice (1827–1838) he seems to have spent much time collecting insects and, in 1838 he abandoned medicine and returned to Salem, the town of his birth, to manage his father’s business. He had married in 1832. In 1845 he published his first entomological paper, on Cecidomyia, in 1847 he was appointed as insect collector (Fig. 51) and identifier to the state of New York, and in 1854 his role was expanded to study “Insects injurious to vegetation.” He was required to write annual...
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