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2008 Edition
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Fischer Von Waldheim, Gotthelf

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Gotthelf Fischer von Waldheim was born in Lepzig, Germany, on October 3, 1771. He graduated from Universität Freiburg at the age of 26 with a doctoral degree. Then, in 1797, he accompanied von Humboldt to Vienna, intending to study medicine, but studied zoology instead. He then made a scientific journey through Germany and Switzerland, and moved to Paris, where he aided Cuvier. In 1804, he accepted a position as professor and director of the museum in Moscow, Russia. There, he was the leading entomologist and founded the Société Impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou. He described many of the insects collected in voyages by Russian explorers to North America. He published about 50 papers, mainly on Coleoptera and Orthoptera, but with some on Hymenoptera. He died in Moscow on October 18, 1853. His collection is mainly in Moscow, but with some materials in the hands of private collectors.


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