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Fennah, Ronald Gordon

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Ronald Fennah was born in Ludlow, England, in 1910. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1935 with a bachelor’s degree and was appointed lecturer in zoology at the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad. While employed there, he was seconded in 1937–1942 as citrus entomologist and in 1942–1948 as food crop pests entomo logist to the Windward Islands, and then (1948–1951) entomologist to the Trinidad Department of Agriculture and (1951–1958) entomologist to the cocoa research scheme, Trinidad. These postings involved him in surveys for citrus pests, a (1947) book “The insect pests of food crops in the Lesser Antilles,” trials of the resistance of sugarcane varieties to froghoppers (Cercopidae), and studies of the insect pests of cacao in relation to cacao physiology. In 1944, he tested DDT against insect pests of food crops. To test its safety to humans, he deliberately ingested DDT, and painted an emulsion on his skin, during a period of 13 months. He detected no...

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