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Fenichel, Sámuel

  • George Hangay
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Sámuel Fenichel was born on the 25th of August 1868 in Nagyenyed, Alsó-Fehér Shire, in Transylvania, then Hungary, now Romania. He received excellent education in natural history in the highly respected Bethlen College of his hometown. In 1888, he was invited to join the Museum of Archaeology in Bucharest, Romania. For 2 years he lead the excavations and research of the ruins of Tropea, a fortress and settlement built by the Romans in Dobrudja (Romania). During this work he met Albert Grubauer, a naturalist from Munich, who was planning a zoological expedition to New Guinea. Fenichel was young, with a keen interest of natural history and an expert preparator of zoological specimens; therefore, he seemed to be an ideal companion to Grubauer, who consequently asked him to join his expedition. Fenichel resigned from his museum post and travelled to Budapest (Hungary) where he received further training in the Hungarian National Museum. The museum also commissioned him to collect...

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